Opportunities, Partnerships, Transitions

Self-Advocacy Starts Here

The OPT program is made up of a variety of support systems and services that connect clients to a thriving network of people and opportunities. The key to OPT is our clients’ choice—by providing the space and self-determination for our clients to choose what’s reasonably best for them, they can “opt” to do what fulfills them across a broad range of services, from community connections to employment opportunities


OPT: A Path Forward

Services provided through OPT include community resource awareness, self-advocacy, career exploration at small, local businesses, community integration, social connections, and volunteerism. Through OPT, our clients can choose their path and form an inclusive community. 

OPT focuses on:

  • Creating meaningful relationships 
  • Uncovering individual talents and passions to allow them to thrive in their community 
  • Decreasing social isolation and the many problems that come with it
  • Developing “soft skills”
  • Making 1-on-1 connections