Welcome to WTC Mosaic, where a specialized medical-based adult day service is provided, tailored for individuals aged 18 and older who require unique and personalized care. WTC offers support and a nurturing environment designed to meet specific needs.

If an individual’s needs encompass personal care, skilled nursing, medication administration, maintaining health and hygiene, or enhancing motor skills, among others, they have found the right place. In this program, participants are not merely attendees but cherished members of a community that respects and celebrates their unique journey.

At Mosaic, WTC goes beyond addressing healthcare needs alone. The commitment is to enrich participants’ lives with a variety of engaging activities crafted to maintain and enhance their quality of life. Experience a wide array of activities tailored to specific preferences and requirements, contributing to physical health and happiness.

However, Mosaic offers more than just physical health benefits. The focus extends to personal growth and community engagement, providing opportunities to sustain and expand current abilities and acquire new skills, such as creativity or daily skill improvement, within a supportive and friendly environment.

The program promotes social engagement, fostering meaningful relationships. WTC provides an environment conducive to communication, decision-making, and navigation of community resources. Tailored support is designed to assist individuals in developing autonomy and skills, paving the way for a more independent and fulfilling life.


At WTC Mosaic, the focus is on holistic well-being – encompassing body, mind, and emotions. The aim is to empower individuals to lead lives of greater independence, making choices that contribute to joy and well-being. Become part of this welcoming community and embark on a journey where each step is a celebration of individuality. The adventure towards increased independence and happiness begins at WTC Mosaic – the gateway to exciting opportunities!

Typical program hours are 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. Participants should anticipate spending 6 hours per scheduled day engaging in community and center activities.

Mosaic Program

Spaces are limited for those who use wheelchairs for mobility.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must have medical needs

  • Must not pose a danger to self or others

  • Participants may require assistance with personal care

  • Nursing procedures and other medical needs will be assessed at intake to determine eligibility for ongoing service needs
  • Must be able to attend the program as scheduled

  • There are no restrictions on ambulation, provided other criteria are met and adaptive equipment is maintained in safe working order

  • Must demonstrate the ability to function in a 1:3 group setting

two women smiling. one in the background is helping the other shop for groceries

How to apply:

  • Discuss your interest in the Mosaic program with your Service Coordinator (SC).
  • Alternatively, call or email the Program Coordinator to schedule a tour of the facility.
  • Your SC will send a referral to WTC, including the CDER, IPP, and a referral letter (
  • WTC will review the referral and determine suitability for the Mosaic program.


Best person to contact: Scott Lewis-Hostetter at 530-321-1852 or