Group Social Recreation

Entering the World of Social Recreation: The Path to Community Connection and Personal Growth

Individuals aged 18 or older feeling disinterested in their routine activities at home now have an opportunity to enrich their social skills and expand their social circles with WTC’s Social Recreation Program. This program, designed with personal growth and community engagement in mind, invites participants to immerse themselves in group-based activities tailored to foster a sense of connection and development.

The program operates through small groups, each led by a Direct Support Professional (DSP). These groups consist of individuals sharing similar interests, ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. Group sizes can be adjusted to accommodate individual preferences, ensuring participants derive maximum benefit from the program.

Participants can anticipate engaging in a diverse range of activities tailored to their interests and those of their group. Options include outdoor excursions, local events, day trips to nearby areas, movie screenings, bowling outings, and exploration of new hobbies. Beyond mere entertainment, these activities serve as valuable opportunities to refine social skills, learn about community safety, and deepen connections with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, outdoor activities contribute to improved health and physical fitness.

Transportation to and from these activities is often provided as part of the program, alleviating logistical concerns and allowing participants to focus solely on enjoying and learning from the experiences.

As participants progress in their skills and independence, the program evolves accordingly. DSPs gradually transition into more supportive roles, offering participants increasing autonomy while remaining available for assistance when needed.

In essence, the Social Recreation Program offers a gateway to personal development, social interaction, and community engagement. It presents a harmonious blend of learning, enjoyment, and growth opportunities. Are you ready to embark on this journey?