Nexus Program

At Community Employment Services (CES), a division of WTC, the focus is on supporting and empowering people with disabilities in their journey towards meaningful employment. The WTC believes in the value of work and aims to assist individuals in finding paid jobs that are not just jobs, but opportunities to grow and thrive. And these aren’t just any jobs; they’re positions that pay equal to or even above the minimum wage!
The team at WTC acts as a bridge connecting individuals to businesses across Butte and Glenn Counties. They don’t just find job openings; they build lasting partnerships with local businesses, creating a community that values diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. It’s all about opening doors and hearts to the incredible contributions that people with disabilities can make.
But there’s more! WTC is also here to help businesses themselves. Recognizing that navigating the Americans with Disabilities Act can be tricky, they offer consultation and training to ensure businesses can welcome everyone. It’s a win-win situation – businesses get to be part of creating an inclusive community, and program participants get to enjoy fulfilling, long-term employment.
So, if you’re part of a local business or know someone with a disability who’s eager to work, think of CES. Together, they’re not just filling job vacancies; they’re building a stronger, more inclusive community. Let’s make work a place where everyone belongs!

How to Get Services!

Ready to join the Supported Employment program with Community Employment Services? Here’s your ticket in! Just make sure you tick these boxes:

Service Objective

The primary goal of the Nexus Program is to deliver services tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual. By doing so, WTC aims to empower people to expand their abilities and comfortably engage in shared community spaces with others. This means the focus is not solely on providing support but also on creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Exciting news – the Nexus Program is available in both Chico and Oroville! Whether individuals are keen on exploring the charming streets of Chico or discovering the gems of Oroville, WTC has them covered. Get ready for a journey of growth, fun, and community connection right in their backyard!

Embark on a world of excitement with three fundamental activities at the heart of the Nexus Program: Contributing, Community, and Center (dedicated to arts, crafts, and technology). These engaging and diverse activities offer a spectrum of opportunities for personal growth, community involvement, and creative expression, ensuring that every participant finds their niche within the vibrant tapestry of the Nexus experience.

Participants should expect to spend an average of 6 hours per scheduled day either participating in community activities or in center activities.

Contributing Activities

Volunteer in the community by assisting at local spots like Senior Care facilities, preschools, animal shelters, Torres Shelter meal prep, Park Cleanup, Nature Center events, Bidwell Mansion and MONCA activities, Senior Nutrition, and even as a University Usher at CSUC events.

Community Activities

Engage in CSUC and CARD park events, shopping, knitting circles, book clubs, cooking classes, special interest groups, recreation district activities, dining out, and exploring museums and galleries.

Center Activities

Unleash creativity in the Arts & Crafts workspace! From drawing, painting, ceramics, glass, and photography to sewing, weaving, beading, and storytelling – there’s something for everyone. Participants can even lead a class or sell their creations at community events, earning a cool 70% commission.

Information Technology

Dive into the digital world! The IT setup offers large screens, a sound system, speedy Wi-Fi, and cameras for streaming videos – perfect for learning or improving computer skills.

Meeting Space

Join the Nexus fun in the spacious meeting area, where movable furniture allows for after-hours hangouts and daytime meetings – ideal for event planning and logistics enthusiasts!

The lessons in this program are all about the participants! WTC wants them to have a say in what they learn. The curriculum is designed based on their preferences and interests in both the community and at the center. Participants get to pick and design activities they enjoy, ensuring their time in the program is focused on achieving personal goals. WTC sets personal goals to help participants build and improve their skills.

In the program, participants learn valuable skills such as:

Improving Community

Learn how to contribute effectively to the community.


Gain empowerment to feel confident in various endeavors.

Promoting Health
and Wellness

Learn about health, hygiene, and maintaining fitness.

Communication Skills

Improve communication abilities and stay informed about community happenings.

Participating in
Group Activities

Enjoy engaging in small group activities within the community.

Enjoying Recreational

Learn recreational and leisure skills while having fun.

Self Care

Understand wellness practices and how to take care of oneself.

Utilizing Public

Learn how to use buses and trains for independent travel.

Finances Wisely

Acquire financial literacy skills for making smart money decisions.

Shared Spaces

Discover how to share communal areas respectfully.

Community Rights

Learn about individual rights and the importance of community engagement.

Get ready for a program focused on participants’ interests and awesomeness!

Who is Elegible?

To enroll in the Nexus program, individuals must meet specific criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be capable of moving around independently (ambulatory).
  • Manage personal daily activities without assistance (Activities of Daily Living or ADLs).
  • Self-administer any necessary medications.
  • Work well in group settings, with at least one staff member for every four clients.
  • Ensure they do not pose a risk to themselves or others.
  • Commit to attending the program as per the schedule.


If individuals are interested in the Nexus program and meet the above requirements, here’s how to participate:

  1. Discuss interest in the Nexus program with the FNRC service coordinator.
  2. The service coordinator must send a referral to WTC, including the Client Development Evaluation Report (CDER), Individual Program Plan (IPP), and a referral letter.
  3. WTC will review the referral to determine suitability for the Nexus program.


Alternatively, individuals can contact the Nexus Program Coordinators directly to arrange a visit to the center. For more information or to speak with someone about the program, they can contact:

Nexus Oroville: Anita Macias at 530-534-8922 or via email at

Nexus Chico: Chris Griffith at 530-327-5958 or via email at

The Nexus program offers personal support in the community and within the program itself. It’s about providing individuals with the best choices to make informed decisions. They get to control their choices and participate in activities. The primary goal is to help individuals learn new skills and gain confidence, leading to more independence in the community.

This program is designed for adults who are at least 18 years old. To join, individuals must meet the following criteria:

Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older.

Independence in Movement: They should be able to move independently (ambulatory).

Self-Care: Participants must manage their daily personal activities without assistance (Activities of Daily Living or ADLs).

Medication Management: They should be able to self-administer any necessary medications.

Group Dynamics: Participants should work well in a group setting, with at least one staff member for every four clients.

Safety: Participants must ensure they do not pose a risk to themselves or others.

Commitment: Participants must commit to attending the program according to the schedule.

Job Development

Job Development is all about helping individuals get ready for, find, and keep a great job. This program guides them in sharpening their job search skills, coordinating their job hunt, and spotting the right job openings. Once individuals have set their job goal, the Direct Support Professional (DSP) steps in to provide tailored job development services. This includes help with filling out job applications, connecting with local employers, landing job interviews, and securing a position that pays competitively. It’s a comprehensive process designed to support individuals every step of the way in their journey to successful employment. Think of SA as a hands-on exploration in the real world. Consumers get to step into different job roles, experiencing them firsthand. This isn’t just about watching from the sidelines; it’s about getting actively involved in various job tasks, seeing what fits and where skills can shine. The best part? This isn’t just a learning experience; consumers earn wages while they try out these jobs. This short-term trial work experience is more than just a test drive in the job market. It’s a chance to discover hidden talents, polish existing skills, and realistically assess employability. It’s about finding the right job match in the community, where consumers can not only work but thrive. SA opens doors to new opportunities, making it a crucial step towards successful employment.