Status of WTC Programs:

Adult Day Programs and NEXUS – Both the Department of Developmental Services and Far Northern Regional Center have determined that our adult day program services are “non-essential” services, and they have been closed. Some staff continue to work in these programs on a short term basis but only to do deep cleaning to make sure that these environments are clean and safe for clients when they return.

ILS, OPT and Respite – these services remain open and are operating under the Social Distancing Directive of the CA Dept. Of Public Health.  These programs deliver essential services to at-risk individuals with disabilities and are essential for the health and welfare of not only of these individuals with developmental disabilities but to their immediate families and caregivers.

Fair Street SolutionsOur Recycling Operations have been permanently shut down.  Selected contracts held by our Janitorial and Landscaping services have been deemed “essential” by either a state or local government agency. As such, these business entities of the Work Training Center remain in business.

Admin – we continue to maintain a small core staff to keep essential business functions operational.

In Support of Employment.

Special accommodations is our hallmark by creating job training for any adult with a developmental disability.

Where People Love Their Work. 

Putting our commercial divisions to work supports our mission and gives purpose and jobs to our client workforce.

Handled with Care.

Our day programs emphasize life skills that have proven successful for over sixty years, overseen daily by skilled, caring, and credentialed staff. Trained drivers travel an average of 2,150 miles a day to provide safe transportation for our client workforce.