If individuals are interested in one of WTC’s programs and meet the entrance requirements, here’s how to apply:

  • Discuss your interest in the program with your FNRC service coordinator.
  • Your service coordinator will need to send a referral to WTC, including your Client Development Evaluation Report (CDER), Individual Program Plan (IPP), and a referral letter.
  • WTC will review the referral to determine if you’re a good candidate for the program.

Alternatively, individuals can contact the Program Coordinators directly to arrange a visit or obtain more information about the service they’re interested in. For further details or to speak with someone about the program, individuals can contact:

  • Nexus Oroville: Anita Macias at 530-534-8922 or via email at
  • Nexus Chico: Chris Griffith at 530-327-5958 or via email at
  • Mosaic Chico: Scott Hostetler-Lewis at [Contact Information] or via email at
  • ILS: Teah Cain at [Contact Information] or via email at
  • Transportation services: Cheryl Evans at 530-809-7311 or via email at