Community Integration Training Program

WTC’s Community Integration Training Program (CITP) is a good fit for individuals looking to eventually land a competitive, individual job but aren’t quite ready to take that step yet. Trainees will be given the opportunity to gain real job experience while working in an environment that provides the support and structure best suited for their abilities. The program is designed for adults aged 18 and up. If an individual is between the ages of 18 and 22, they must have a high school diploma or a certificate of completion.

As a trainee, one will receive at least minimum wage and have the opportunity to work nearly full-time, or as much as their benefits permit. A job coach will be there for support throughout, helping trainees learn the job, boost their vocational skills, and teach them how to keep a job successfully. Plus, trainees will get to be part of Person-Centered Planning, which helps set goals tailored just for them.

Once referred to this program, trainees will begin with a situational assessment to figure out their skills and what they need. After finishing this assessment, they’ll team up with a job developer to choose the best job from a variety of work sites. Although job goals may vary, the primary objective is to prepare trainees for more challenging employment in the future. This will involve learning to work effectively, behave professionally, and enhance their knowledge and skills. CITP placements mirror real-world job expectations more closely than some other center-based training programs. In this program, trainees can enhance their skills through a range of job placements like landscaping, janitorial services, working in a plant nursery, assembly-type jobs, clerical tasks, and laundry services.