Nexus, a division of Work Training Center, Inc. provides facilitative learning and customized supports to individuals; through community and center based opportunities which will promote choice, decision making, self advocacy, and involvement in order to build skills and confidence for independence in their community.
Nexus offers person-centered services that allow individuals to grow their abilities to more successfully share ordinary community spaces with others.

Nexus is a licensed Adult Day Program within Work Training Center, Inc. offered in both Chico and Oroville. Program participants are aligned in small groups with individuals that share similar talents, desires, & interests.

Groups work together with the help of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) to research, plan, and implement a weekly community and center-based activity schedule.
Based on client-choice, interests, and dreams, groups may participate in four basic activities throughout their week:

  • Contributing
  • Work
  • Community
  • Center

Contributing Activities may include community volunteer opportunities such as planting a garden or meal preparation at a local homeless shelter, visiting a local Senior Care Facility, preschool, animal shelter, or even assisting with special events throughout the community.

Work Activities offer a variety of contracted work in the community, paid at minimum wage.

Community-Based Activities may include attending local events, shopping, knitting circle, book club, cooking class, special interest groups, recreational offerings, going out to eat, or even visiting museums, and art galleries.

Center-Based Activities provide groups with a central location for activities and/or classes on topics such as: Arts & Crafts or Information Technology.

  • Arts & Crafts - Individuals can utilize workspace for drawing, painting, glass, ceramics, photography, sewing, weaving, beading, storytelling. Classes can be created and led by clients, DSPs, or community volunteers. Products created will be sold at community events and in the center’s display area earning the creator a commission.
  • Information Technology - Individuals will be able to take advantage of our IT Infrastructure: large wide-screen televisions, a sound system, computers, internet connectivity, and more. Classes will provide interested individuals the opportunity to learn and improve upon their computer skills.
  • Meeting Space - Large and smaller breakout areas can be used for after-hours gatherings and some limited day time meetings. Individuals interested in event planning may have the opportunity to help with meeting support services.

The program curriculum is client driven and centered around both community and center-based experiences in which individuals will have the ability to develop, maintain and enhance skills in the areas of:

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Increasing Competencies in the Community
  • Health, Hygiene, & Fitness
  • Communication Skills
  • Current Events & Community Resources
  • Community Integration
  • Recreation & Leisure Skills
  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Use of Public Transportation
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Sharing ordinary spaces
  • Rights to a Community Life
  • Paid Work