Who Is eligible for services?

Any resident of the State of California who has a developmental disability which constitutes a substantial handicap is eligible for services. The disability must have originated before the person is 18 years old. Developmental disabilities include intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and other neurological conditions closely related to intellectual disability or requiring similar treatment. The Lanterman Act, embodied in California Law, guarantees the right of every California citizen with a disability to receive services from the state. The CA Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is funded through the Governor’s budget that is approved by the CA Legislature. DDS then distributes funding to twenty-one Regional Centers. The Regional Center that provides referrals to the Work Training Center is Far Northern Regional Center. They contract for job training, adult day, residential and in-home health care services with the Work Training Center.

Getting started

Step 1 – Take a tour

Call the Work Training Center at (530) 343-7994 and ask to take a tour, or have a friend or family member call for you, to give you a better idea of which program you might like to attend. Map to our location.

Step 2 – Request a Referral Packet

After you’ve decided to become a part of the Work Training Center, talk to your Referral Agent at either Far Northern Regional Center or the Dept. of Rehabilitation about your Work Training Center choice. Ask them to send your Referral Packet to Work Training Center. They will know the address.

A Referral Packet contains:

  • Information about you and your preferences
  • Your medical needs
  • Your psychological needs
  • Other important information about you that WTC will need to know

We review all of your information and your desires to ensure that you will receive the greatest benefit from our services or programs.

A complete Referral Packet has the following basic forms:

  • Letter/memo from your Far Northern Regional Center Service (FNRC) Coordinator introducing you, along with your current address & phone number, and the program you are considering to attend.
  • Your CDER and SANDIS information sheets.
  • Your conservatorship paperwork if you are conserved.
  • Your General Medical results (a Physician’s Report form Lic. 602 will suffice for any
  • WTC program placement) current within one year, including your TB and Hep-B
  • information.
  • Adult Day Programs also require an Ambulatory Statement from your doctor.
  • Your psychological report current within two years.
  • Your FNRC annual review and Social Assessment.
  • Your criminal history, if it is relevant to program/safety issues.
  • Your FNRC IPP stating specific WTC program attendance.

Authorization for tuition should be requested by your FNRC representative and forthcoming within two weeks of program entry.

WTC’s official Admission Criteria describe who can most effectively be served, but are not intended to exclude persons from participating in our programs. The Admission Criteria provide a guideline when a referral for services is received and reviewed. Using professional judgment to decide whether a program is applicable to a person’s needs, staff members use the Admission Criteria to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate placements when assisting you to choose your program.

Understanding the timeline

Once we receive your complete Referral Packet, our goal is for you to begin receiving services or begin working within two weeks from that date. If the program that you wish to enter has no immediate openings, you may be placed on a waiting list until that program does have an opening available. The waiting list will be on a first-come-first-served basis if all your paperwork is complete. You may attend a different program that does have an opening during the waiting period if you wish.

Your intake interview

After we receive and review the Referral Packet, it is assigned to the Vocational Services Counselor or ADP Program Coordinator associated with the program you have chosen to attend. This person will discuss any questions they have with your referral agent and your funding agent (if different), and will then schedule an Intake Interview with you and/or your representative(s). These discussions allow WTC staff to work with you and/or your representative/conservator so that we can design your Individual Service Plan around your hopes and dreams.

The purpose of the Intake Interview is to provide an opportunity for all persons involved with your placement to discuss your specific needs and goals. We will discuss your specific program, your participation expectations, and what you want to learn or experience. We will determine and agree upon what days and hours you will attend your program. Transportation arrangements will also be discussed and made.

We will explain and discuss with you the services we will provide, financial arrangements (if applicable), and the management of your program. In addition, during the Intake Interview, you (or your conservator) will be signing several forms that will be read and explained to you before you sign them.

What to bring to your intake interview

Social Security card (original or copy)

Photo ID card (original or copy)

Medical card (original or copy)

Individual Service Plan

Referral Packet