Put Us To Work

Since 1960, the Work Training Center in Chico, California, has been providing training and jobs to adults with developmental disabilities. While to the outside world, it may seem like these disabilities would impede a quality product, we have created step-by-step processes that are aligned with an individual’s specific skills. Even physical limitations are taken into account by incorporating special accommodations that ensure everyone who wants to work here can do so. It is our mission to include everyone in the creation process of a quality product. 

If you are interested in supporting our mission, please give us a call and put us to work. 

Milestone We Are Proud Of:

  • Feather River Opportunity Center processes 10,502 lock rings in a day for a local manufacturer = 1 million per year
  • We sort and shred 64,589 pounds of confidential documents each year, or the equivalent of 10 bull elephants
  • To serve our contract with the City of Chico, CA, we created a special accommodation for the worker who replaces the used wires in the street cleaning brushes by designing a jig that quickly allows him to count 16 wires with 100% accuracy
  • The loading dock at our Lincoln Avenue location accommodates 40-foot trailers
  • Full in-house mailing and shredding services, including sample packing and shipping
  • We can arrange to have your recyclables picked up at your location