Do-It Leisure


Do-It Leisure programs provide recreation, social, and
independent living skills

Do-It Leisure programs promote wellness through leisure, and assist behavioral and personal growth to its fullest.

Do-It Leisure has provided recreation programs for the people with disabilities since 1975. In 1981, Do-It Leisure merged with Work Training Center, Inc. Our emphasis is on providing quality of life experiences for individuals with developmental disabilities. Do-It Leisure is comprised of two major components: Community Programs and Individualized Programs.

Current Newsletter: Do-It Leisure's Winter 2020 Newsletter

Do-It Leisure Individualized Programs

The Individualized programs are vendorized through Far Northern Regional Center, which receives funds from the State Department of Developmental Services. The programs are designed to maximize individual growth and give the clients the opportunity to develop new skills. Referred clients are placed in one of three programs and assigned an instructor. The three programs currently offered are Independent Living Skills (ILS), Group Social Recreation (GSR), and The Home Companion Program (HCP).

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

Do-It Leisure staff assists clients in increasing their individual skills in order to live in the least restrictive environment possible. An assessment is completed to assist persons in establishing and maintaining a positive lifestyle and developing their fullest potential. Programming may include: self-help skills, personal residence skills, nutrition and cooking, comparative shopping, money management, emergency preparedness, health and safety, hygiene, emotional functioning, and communication. Another component of ILS is parenting, where we assist clients with learning the many things involved in raising a child and being an effective parent.

Group Social Recreation (GSR)

The Group Social Recreation Program is generally provided on a 1: 2 & 1:3 basis. Groups are formed according to the individual needs of the clients since their levels of social functioning vary greatly and group activities maximize their existing skills and the opportunity to develop new skills. Specific group activities may include, but are not limited to, participation in the community-based recreational activities, peer socialization, community integration, friendship development, instruction in the creative and constructive use for free-time, improving interpersonal skills, community awareness, and development of self-esteem and confidence in personal abilities and skills. The main focus of The Group Social Recreation Program is to aid in the social, physical, emotional, behavioral, and developmental growth of persons with developmental disabilities in a group. The group leader will decrease contact and focus on providing support to the group, as needed.

Home Companion Program (HCP)

The Home Companion Program (HCP) provides respite services on a time-limited basis by offering families temporary relief from the ongoing responsibility of caring for a family member with a developmental disability. Respite services are provided in the home and in the community, as appropriate.

The HCP is designed to relieve families of the constant responsibility of caring for a person with developmental disability: (1) to restore or maintain the family’s mental well-being, (2) to meet planned or emergency needs, (3) during periods of crisis such as illness or death of family members, (4) for weekends or longer to allow parent/conservator/guardian’s (and/or the person with the disability) the opportunity for vacations or other activities of natural family life.

Respite is part of a network of support services that is available to families and is not meant to supplant services.

Community Program

The community Program provides adapted day, weekend, and evening recreational and sports related activities for individuals with disabilities. Year-round activities improve the “quality of life” for all participants because they fulfill their needs for socialization with peers and provide access for out of town recreational activities. Participants may choose to become Do-It Leisure Members by purchasing an annual membership card. Do-It Leisure members will receive 3 newsletters a year promoting upcoming activities and trips.

The Community Program provides many activities such as weekend camping trips, craft workshops, out-of-town excursions, six dances throughout the year, weekly bowling classes, extended trips to far-off locations such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Mexico, and various other special events such as BINGO, Karaoke, and Movie nights.

The Community Program is supported in part through annual fundraisers, such as the annual Whisky & Wine Event, the annual Chico Community 4th of July Celebration in Bidwell Park, and the Chico Summer Adventures Drive. Additional funding comes from the three local recreation districts: Chico Area Recreation and Park District, Paradise Recreation and Park District, and Feather River Recreation and Park District, as well as a grant from United Way of Northern California. On an ongoing basis, Do-It Leisure sells locally-made products, such as ChicoBags, as a fundraiser throughout the year.  We cooperate with local human service organizations and clubs in an effort to provide quality programs for people with disabilities.