Community Employment Service Programs

CES Individual Placement

The Community Employment Services (CES) Individual Placement program (SEIP) assists and guides people with disabilities in their search for employment within the community. The Individual Placement program includes individual Job Development, then placement with job coaching at a place of business in the community. Clients are first interviewed and evaluated by our Job Developer. Then possible positions in the community are examined based on the desires and abilities of each client. The client can apply for the position(s) with guidance from the Job Developer; and, if invited, an interview between the client and the potential employer is set up. If the client is chosen for the position, he or she will be provided with a Job Coach to assist them to learn the routines of the job, to learn to interact with co-workers and their supervisor, and to provide other support as needed. Clients placed in individual jobs in the community receive at least minimum wage, and are given the same wages and benefits as other employees in similar positions at that business.

Situational Assessments

Community Employment Services works cooperatively with the California Dept. of Rehabilitation and also with the Veteran’s Administration to perform Situational Assessments of a client’s work abilities and skills, his or her interaction with co-workers, and any barriers to employment, by observing the client work in a real-life setting provided by collaborative community employers.

Driver’s Education

In conjunction with the California Dept. of Rehabilitation, CES provides one-on-one Driver’s Education to qualifying clients who need assistance with studying, in order to obtain their California Driver’s Permit.


CES also works cooperatively with the California Dept. of Rehabilitation through their COMPASS program to provide individual job development and placement, with a 90-day job coach “shadow” for persons with disabilities.