Board Members and Leadership Team

Board of Directors – FY 2016-2017
José  Bravó 
Rabobank, VP Business Banking
Steve Wattenberg 
Vice President
Attorney at Law
Sandy Linville
President & CEO Oroville
Chamber of Commerce
Lance McClung
Co-Founder Alternative Energy
Systems, Inc.
Charlie Boales
Retired Social Services
Jason Schwenkler
Director of Geographical
Information Center
California State University, Chico
Client Advisor to the Board of Directors
Leadership Team
Don Krysakowski
Executive Director

Brett Barker
Director of Systems &

Timothy Waters
Director of Information Systems
Andrea Moriarty
Director of Community Services
Laura Carter
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Oakes
Director of Human Resources

Cameron Wise
Director of Operations

Tim Thomason
Director of Commercial Services

Management Team
Janice Underwood
Office Manager
Client Services
Billie Araiza
Fundraising Manager